Students, Meet Alice

Over the summer I learned (through my own crazy exploration) about a new (new to me anyway) concept – Transmedia.  I’ve described Transmedia as a multi-media storytelling “wonderland” (as in Alice) that will engage 21st century digital natives while hitting multiple standards and preparing students for the media rich college and career world they will need to navigate later in life.  I was immediately interested….

Then, in the process of this exploration I met Alice.  Inanimate Alice (to be exact) and started off on a journey of learning for both me and my students.  To quote the site, “Set in a technology-augmented near-future, Inanimate Alice tells the story of a young girl who grows up to become a videogame designer at the biggest games company in the world. Beginning in China when Alice is eight years old, and told over ten increasingly complex episodes, the series follows the journey of Alice and her closest ‘friend’ Brad around the world and towards their final destiny.”

Below – Students explore the first episodes with Alice…

IMG_0139IMG_0136IMG_0137 IMG_0140IMG_0141IMG_0148IMG_0149IMG_0150IMG_0151IMG_0158IMG_0159IMG_0160IMG_0161IMG_0162IMG_0163IMG_0164

In the first episodes, we were able to cover multiple Common Core Standards – analyzing narrative structure, point of view, setting, character, etc.  This was no typical analysis though…the sound, visuals, and interactive elements bring this to a whole new level.

Additionally, (this is a really cool part) before school started I was able to connect with Inanimate Alice producer Ian Harper, and between his input and my awesome students, everyday is an adventure.  Feeling a little like Alice….

Mrs. D